The EvexiPEL Method, Hormone Pellet Therapy

EvexiPEL® is a superior form of hormone replacement therapy that uses bioidentical hormone pellet therapy to support men and women on their journey to total health and wellness.  

EvexiPEL was expertly developed by Dr. Terri DeNeui, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of EVEXIAS Health Solutions. Dr. DeNeui founded EvexiPEL and EVEXIAS Health Solutions after she became frustrated with the traditional sick-care approach of Western medicine. She wanted to do more for her patients–she wanted to help them get well, stay well, and live well. She discovered that when high-quality bioidentical hormone therapy is combined with integrated functional medicine therapies, patients don’t just feel better, they thrive.  

After transforming the lives of thousands of patients, Dr. DeNeui began to expand her reach, training hundreds of medical providers about the benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy and integrated functional medicine therapies. Today, thousands of providers nationwide choose EvexiPEL to help their patients live a higher quality of life. 

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