PRP Stem Cell Microneedling

A PRP or a platelet-rich plasma facial treatment is a rejuvenation treatment for your skin that stimulates collagen and elastin naturally which is safely produced from the cells our body produces each day.  By introducing plasma from our own blood and cellular composition, we awake tired and old cells and feed them with the rich nutrients necessary to build yournger and healther cells, thus creating an environment to grow young new cells.  By doing so, our body “heals” and grows cells that alter older cells and stimulate healthy and younger cells that appear to replace the need for removing skin in lieu of a facelift. Understandably, it has attracted a lot of interest because the procedure uses your own blood. Once your skin has been injected, its existing collagen rejuvenates, feeds off of the newer cells and reduces fine lines thereby reducing the need for more invasive surgical alternatives.

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