Hormone Pellets

Hormone pellets are small compounded implants that provide the body with the appropriate concentrations of hormones required to function. They are placed under the skin, most commonly in the upper arm. 

Hormone pellet therapy is quickly growing in popularity because of its low risk, low maintenance, and excellent results. It can be performed in both men and women but women have been observed to be more inclined towards it due to its stupendous results in treating menstrual problems.

Common hormone pellets

Hormone pellets contain bioidentical hormones which are synthetically made to mimic natural endocrine hormones. Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone are the most commonly used hormones that are administered as per the doctor’s prescription.

What are the benefits of using hormone pellets?

hormone pellet procedureThere are multiple reasons why hormone pellets are used, some of them are listed below:

  • To treat loss of libido
  • To treat Dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse)
  • To maintain weight gain
  • To keep hot flashes at bay
  • To counter vaginal dryness 

Men and women have different indications for hormone pellet therapy. In women, hormone pellets are most commonly used to treat symptoms of pre-menopause, menopause, and as contraception. In men, testosterone is used to bulk up muscle and development of secondary sexual characteristics. In some cases, it is also used by transgender individuals for the development of appropriate secondary sexual characters.


Menopause is not an easy time for women as it puts them under a great deal of physical, mental, and emotional strain. The common symptoms include hot flashes, loss of sleep, dementia, weak bones, loss of libido, and heart diseases. Currently, the most effective way to deal with menopause is by balancing the hormones that are haywiring. 

Hormone pellets containing progesterone and estradiol can do wonders in relieving these symptoms. 


One of the most hassle-free and effective methods of contraception is the subdermal implant of a progesterone pellet. It provides contraception with little to no side effects as compared to other forms of female contraception. Apart from contraception, it also helps in preventing heavy menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain, irregular periods, and endometrial hyperplasia with negligible side effects. Progesterone hormone pellets can provide contraception for 3-5 years once implanted correctly. 


Hormone pellets are implanted via a rather simple route, a tiny cut is made into your upper arm and the pellet is inserted. Contrary to popular belief, this method is not painful. Hormones are directly absorbed into the blood rather than passing through your stomach and intestine. As a result, the effects are much better and observed sooner as compared to oral pills or skin patches. 

Hormone pellets > Oral contraception!

Hormone pellets are a better alternative to any other method of contraception. Here’s why!

  • You don’t have to remember taking a pill every day for years.
  • The pellet is there in your body 24/7 and you can live carefree.
  • You don’t have to worry about running out of medication.
  • Little to no side effects. 

Well, there is little to no risk involved with hormone pellet therapy. However, administration of sex hormones for prolonged periods might result in a few mild side effects but nothing to worry about. 

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