Laser Hair-Removal Treatment

Laser Hair-Removal Treatment for Hairless Legs and other things:

We’re not saying you have hairy legs and armpits, but if you do, you’re not alone. It’s common practice to let shaving slide a bit during the winter months when no one sees much of your skin. What if next summer you did not have to dust off those razors and get back at it — could it be true?

At Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics in Colorado Springs, we’ve been helping folks ditch their unwanted hair and their regular shaving or waxing regimens for years. After a few painless and simple sessions with our Soprano Ice laser hair-removal treatment, we can have you smooth as a baby’s bottom in a short period of time.

Led by Halle Friedman, RN, founder of our practice and her team offer you a safe, professional environment where you can be assured you’re getting the very best medical care along with your hair removal. Here’s why we recommend laser hair removal to our valued patients.

Don’t waste your time

You know that your shaving routine takes several minutes a day. While you may not think it’s a big deal, when you add it all up, you may be surprised. One study actually looked into this to calculate all the time that’s lost to getting rid of hair, and here’s what they found:

· Women spend an average of 11 minutes per shaving session

· They do this about 12 time every month

· That adds up to almost 60 days of their lives wasted on hair removal

· They work on unwanted hair well into their 50s

If you spend time shaving away your unwanted hair, you could be at it a while. But laser treatments remove hair permanently (in many cases). If you ever see any strays popping up in the future, a quick supplemental treatment will take care of it.

Don’t waste your money

One of the myths about laser hair removal is that it’s more expensive than shaving. But the truth is that getting rid of hair the old-fashioned way costs you much more. That same study that added up your shaving hours also did a little math to find out how much the average woman spends dragging a razor over her skin. Here’s what they found:

· On average, women who shave spend about $16 a month, or

$10,200 in a lifetime

· If you use creams, you spend about $10,500 throughout your life

· If you wax, you spend a whopping $23,000

So, if you’re a shaver, you can save about $7,000 by switching to laser hair removal, and if you wax, you’re looking at a $20,000 saving.

Don’t risk your health

The American Academy of Dermatology strongly urges people to do their homework and choose only a qualified, experienced medical professional to perform their laser hair-removal procedure. In the wrong hands, you can end up with negative side effects ranging from skin pigmentation changes to severe burns.

That’s why so many people throughout the Colorado Springs area trust Dr. Walker and Halle Friedman to not only perform the laser hair-removal procedure, but also to care for their overall health and well-being at the same time.

Don’t delay

If you’re hoping to be hair-free by summer, don’t wait. Your laser hair-removal sessions will produce immediate results, but you’ll still have to come back for several more treatments.

That’s because your hair grows in cycles, and the laser can only heat and destroy the hairs it detects. So in a month or two when you have new growth, we schedule another session and take care of the new crop. Everyone is different, but you can expect 6-12 treatments before you’re completely hairless. But then it’s done.

It may still be chilly out, but summer is coming, we promise. Start getting ready for it now. Call us or request an appointment online today. 719-434-3075

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