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When you have sagging skin and desire the results of a face-lift without the downtime, consider a PDO Thread Lifts. This injectable treatment is offered at Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics in Colorado Springs, Colorado, by skilled aesthetic practitioner Halle Friedman, RN, and the team. This minimally invasive injection treatment naturally raises your skin tissue and fights the effects of gravity and aging. Contact the office by phone or schedule an appointment online to learn more about the PDO Thread Lifts.

What are PDO Thread Lifts?


The PDO Thread Lift uses resorbable surgical sutures made of biodegradable polymers. PDO Threads provide instant lifting results for sagging skin around the neck, jowls, and face.

PDO Threads are a type of PDO (polydioxanone) suture used in surgeries. These threads are valuable in delicate procedures like heart surgery because they are thoroughly absorbed by your body within 4-6 months without any scarring.


How do PDO Threads work?


When PDO Threads are strategically injected into areas of sagging skin on your face, they mimic the results you get with a face-lift. The threads immediately support drooping tissue by stimulating your body to make collagen, a firming protein that boosts skin strength and lifts. The results are short-term and long-term. As the threads dissolve, you get a naturally-lifted, brighter look for 12-15 months.


What effects can I expect from PDO Threads?


Treatment with PDO Threads provides notable improvements in the look of lax skin. These include tighter, toned skin due to contracted fat tissue, visible skin lifting in minutes, and collagen stimulation and blood vessel enhancement to improve skin elasticity and texture.

The procedure reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, shrinks enlarged pores, and enhances your facial contour. These results are evident right after your session when the threads are introduced. But the results last as the threads dissolve because they’ve stimulated collagen to develop around them.


Who is a good candidate for PDO Thread treatments?


Men and women bothered by the signs of aging but who aren’t ready to invest in an invasive face-lift should consider PDO Thread treatments. The procedure can specifically address:

  • Sagging jowls and jawline

  • Slack neck tissue

  • Stubborn facial wrinkles

  • Creases around and under the eyes

  • Sunken, lax tissue in the cheeks

The aesthetic team at Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics can help you determine if PDO Thread treatment will give you the results you’re after.


Do I need to schedule downtime following the PDO Thread application?


Often known as the “lunchtime lift,” most people can return to work and most daily activities the day after the procedure. If you have an active job that requires lifting, bending over, or squatting, you’ll probably need to take 2-3 days off.

If you’re interested in noninvasive face-lift, call Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics to learn about the PDO Threads Lift for sagging, loose skin. Call the office or book a consultation using this website.

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