Hydration Therapy

IV Hydration Therapy Treatments

Water makes up approximately 60% of our body and it is vital to ensure that our organ systems function at their peak. Inadequate hydration causes fatigue, dizziness, headaches, concentration lapses, moodiness, dry lips, and increased susceptibility to illness. Exercise, traveling, sweating, too much caffeine, and alcohol often lead to dehydration. Hydrate faster and better with IV therapy!

Detoxifies the body

Weight Management

Energy Boosting

Restores Hydration

Regulates Sleep, Mood, & Appetite

Improves Libido

Enhances Well-Being

Fitness Therapy

Improves Brain Function

Increases Immune System

Hydration Therapy Types

Hydration Health Therapies

We will tailor treatments to your specific condition so you can feel better, faster! Great for energy boosts, treating various illnesses, seasonal allergies, and more!

Fitness Hydration Therapies

When you sweat, you aren’t just losing water. You’re also losing nutrients and electrolytes that your body needs to recover. Whether you’re a world-class athlete or a weekend warrior, IV hydration therapy matches your body’s make-up better than any sports drink or water alone. Recover, Energize, & Restore!

Basic Hydration Therapies

Whether you need a little extra hydration after a tough workout, are suffering from an illness, or had too much to drink the night before, our basic hydration therapy can help you recover with ease!


Add these additional vitamins to boost your hydration: B12, B complex, Biotin, Zinc, Toradol, Vit C, Glutamine, Magnesium, Zofran

Ready to boost your energy, immune system, & overall health?