EuroThread Thread Lifts

FAQ's about threadlifts

Thread lifts are perfect for both men and women with light to moderate sagging in the skin around the neck, face, and jowl areas. It’s a great non-surgical solution to a face lift that takes less time in office and has much less downtime. 

Immediately after your procedure it’s best to refrain from heavy lifting or strenuous activities for a few days while any swelling subsides. We will provide you small ice packs to help with any swelling or discomfort. You can gently wash your face immediately after, but avoid pressing too hard in the treated areas. During the 1st month we recommend that you be gentle with the treated area – gently washing, no pulling or stretching, and no massages on the treated areas. For men it’s important that you don’t stretch or pull at the face while shaving. 

You can wear makeup, sunscreen, or moisturizer immediately after your procedure. Again, it’s best to make sure that you’re not rubbing or pulling too hard on the treated areas. You may experience mild bruising after the procedure, which can be covered up with makeup if you like. 

It really depends on the area(s) that is being treated, and how many threads are being used. Our threadlift patients are usually in office for around 1-3 hours. 

majority of our patients return to work the next day, or a few days after the procedure. If your job requires a lot of bending over, stooping, or lifting heavy objects, you may want to take 2-3 days off before returning. 

It depends on the area(s) treated and the age of the patient. However, we see most results lasting around a year, with additional benefits (collagen production) lasting much longer. 

Risks with this procedure are very minimal. Side effects can include bruising, swelling, and light discomfot around the treated areas. These can be treated with ice packs or Tylenol as needed. 

Dr. Janowski will insert enough threads so that a breakage (which is rare) of a thread will not cause a loss in volume in one area. Occasionally a broken thread can feel like a pimple under the skin. If this occurs, that thread can be easily removed in the office as necessary. 

This depends on the treated area(s) and how many threads are needed to achieve the desired results. Dr. Janowski will review this, and any other questions you might have during your free consultation. 

Dr. Janowski will perform the entire procedure himself, with the help of his medical assistant. As with any minimally invasive procedure, it’s important that you see a licensed professional with plenty of experience. Dr. Janowski is a national trainer for the Silhouette threadlift, has performed hundreds of procedures and helped to train many other Dr’s in the correct techniques for the best results. 

The short answer is “no”. The purpose of a threadlift is to lift skin in areas that have become loose and sagging over time, giving you back a more youthful and vibrant look. 

When done correctly by an experienced Dr., threads should never be visible.