Dr. Tom Gehrmann

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Introducing Dr. Tom Gehrmann as our new Director of Operations at Robert Andrews Medical.  Dr. Gehrman has been a licensed chiropractor in Colorado Springs since the fall of 1999.  He was born and raised on the east coast, but always maintained a strong desire to live in Colorado.  He chose to make Colorado Springs his permanent home due to its natural beauty, numerous recreational opportunities and healthy community environment.   

Dr. Gehrman has an extensive background in natural healthcare and business management.  He is committed to the ongoing, Robert Andrews, objective of offering its clients the most innovative and effective modalities and treatments.   Dr. Gehrmann believes that the client is at the center of every business.  He looks forward to meeting new and existing clients and enhancing their overall experience.

Outside of the office, Tom Gehrmann enjoys hiking, skiing, golf and spending time with his wife and his two daughters.  Tom Gehrmann attends specialized seminars and trainings throughout the year to advance his knowledge and enhance patient care.  In addition, Tom regularly communicates with other doctors in order to share best practices and promote positive professional relationships. 

Tom Gehrmann, DC.

Director of Operations