When to Consider a Neck Lift

From bat wings to spare tires, we often heap negativity on ourselves by using unglamorous, unflattering names for our most embarrassing and frustrating cosmetic flaws. No part of your body is safe from ridicule, not even your neck. And if you’re living with sagging skin below your chin, which many like to call “turkey neck,” then you know what it’s like to live under a cloud of self-consciousness. 

That’s where we come in.

Our team of aesthetic and surgical experts at Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics specializes in a variety of surgical procedures, including neck lifts, and can make your cosmetic flaws a thing of the past. 

Why is your neck skin sagging?

Before we dive into the particulars of neck lifts, you might be wondering how you got here in the first place. 

If it’s any consolation, you likely didn’t do anything to cause the sagging skin dangling below your chin. In fact, it’s more often than not just a common side effect of the natural aging process. 

Over time, your neck muscles weaken, and your skin loses its structural integrity and its elasticity (the ability to bounce back after stretching). Your neck starts to take on a different shape as excess fat and loose skin create abnormal curves in your profile. 

Sagging skin also occurs if you lose a significant amount of weight, have certain illnesses, have sustained significant sun damage, or have lifestyle habits like smoking or poor nutrition. 

When should you consider a neck lift?

Surgical cosmetic procedures like neck lifts have been around for decades. But just because they’re popular doesn’t mean they’re right for everyone. We take the time to completely understand your concerns and goals while conducting a thorough review of your health history to make sure you’re a good candidate. 

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider investing in neck lift surgery.

You’re struggling with self-esteem

There’s no way around it — the way you look on the outside nearly always impacts the way you feel about yourself on the inside, and sagging skin is one of the most common confidence-destroying cosmetic flaws. 

We’ve seen firsthand how neck lifts have boosted our patients’ self-esteem and given them a new outlook on life and themselves — and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel confident in the skin you’re in. 

You want to look younger

Second only to wrinkles, sagging skin is a telltale sign of aging. If your skin is betraying the age you feel inside, it’s time to consider neck lift surgery to get your youthful profile back. 

You’re getting other procedures

Do you want to totally rejuvenate your look? Talk to us about getting a neck lift along with other surgical procedures including a facelift and eye lifts, as well as nonsurgical options like Botox® and fillers

What should you expect from a neck lift?

Neck lifts are safe, routine surgeries, but even still, we want you to be completely informed so you know what to expect. 

We begin by making you comfortable. You can choose to be completely sedated or opt for a milder form of sedation where you’re still awake but numb and unable to feel us working. 

Typically, the first incision of a neck lift begins in the hairline at the level of your sideburn. We make other incisions based on the degree of change you want and place them strategically to minimize postoperative scarring. 

Once the incisions are made, we work to reposition tissue, tighten muscles, and trim away excess skin and fat. After a few hours, your neck lift is complete, and we close the incisions with sutures and skin adhesives. 

We may place a bandage around your face and neck to reduce swelling and bruising as you recover. We give you specific instructions on how to care for the surgical site, including medications that will aid the healing process.

It may take several weeks or months for the swelling and bruising to completely disappear, and upwards of six months for the incision lines to fade. Once the evidence of surgery is gone, you’ll enjoy a sharper, younger-looking profile. 

Keeping up a healthy lifestyle and protecting your skin from sun damage are the best ways to extend your results and maintain a youthful appearance. 

If you’d like more information about neck lifts, don’t hesitate to make an appointment online or over the phone at our office in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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