There is good news today for aging individuals who are interested in achieving a fresh, more youthful appearance. Triniti 3-in-1 Facial Treatment doesn’t use needles or chemicals. Instead, this rejuvenation treatment uses radio waves with a three-step approach to restore aging skin to its glory. At each of three sessions, we address the three most egregious signs of aging skin. Within six months, the patient should expect to see firm skin that is bright and smooth. You will look younger while still looking exactly like yourself. Love the face you have right now, with all its aspects. In a three-step process, Triniti gives you back what time has stripped away.

Color Correction
Do you have spots on your skin that make you feel sad? Those little dermatological nuisances could be sun damage from too many summers spent getting tan. You might have little spider veins on your cheeks, burst blood vessels, or scars. Your skin could be red from rosacea or otherwise discolored. One or two such blemishes can start to make you look older than you are. If you want your skin to appear the way it used to when you were younger, this treatment is an excellent option. Your skin will look clear. It will look bright. It will look healthy, and make you feel gorgeous and brave. A combined bipolar radio frequency and IPL energy provides a safe and effective method for correcting irregularities just beneath the skins surface.

Sagging skin is the absolute worse. And there is no magic cover up you can purchase at Sephora that will improve hanging jowls and nasolabial folds. Looking in the mirror at these elder features will make you miss your lost youth and cause you to wonder why you didn’t bask in your taut-skinned beauty every day when you were younger. It used to be that surgery was required to pull that skin. But these days facelifts seem extreme, when we have access to amazing treatments like Triniti. Don’t go under the knife. Step 2 involves the same infrared energy in the previous step, but it penetrates a little deeper into the skin, initiating collagen and elastin production, replenishing the elastic strength on the skin. This portion of the process is called Refirm.

Wrinkles and Texture
Let’s face it. Everyone is telling us to embrace our wrinkles and lines. But why, when you can have healthy, vibrant, rejuvenated skin in three to six months? The Matrix IR application in Step 3 employs a strong radio frequency and diode laser that will smooth wrinkles. This step recoils the loosened collagen in the deeper skin layers to instantly strengthen elasticity and smooth out deeper wrinkling. This treatment is special because you don’t have to succumb to uncomfortable peels or needles. It isn’t invasive, and it can be done right here, in the comfort of our office.

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