The Many Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Everyone has hair somewhere they’d like to lose. That’s why the hair-removal industry rakes in around 2.43 billion every year. Whether you opt for razors to shave off your hair at the surface, pluck them with tweezers one by one, or yank out swaths of hair all at once with hot wax, chances are you have to keep repeating the process — and keep paying for it — day after day, week after week.

But laser hair removal is your way off that painful, money-spending merry-go-round, and our team of experienced medical and aesthetic professionals at Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics is here to show you the way. 

We offer laser hair removal for people throughout Colorado Springs, Colorado, who are ready to step up their hair-removal routine. Here’s why laser hair removal is better than the traditional methods you’ve been using.

Laser hair removal saves you money

This may be the most surprising benefit of all, because your laser hair removal treatment costs a bit more up front than other methods. But over time, you spend much more than you realize on those old-school ways. 

For example, over her lifetime, the average woman spends:

Although it may take up to six laser hair-removal sessions to become completely hair free, over your lifetime, you can save thousands of dollars and a tremendous amount of time. 

Laser hair removal is less painful

Anyone who has ever nicked themselves shaving knows the sharp pain and the annoying need for a bandage to stop the bleeding. And that’s nothing compared to the excruciating pain of hot waxing that yanks your hair out from the roots. 

But laser hair removal is painless. While you can expect to feel a sensation similar to the light snap of a small rubber band, most people relax through their treatment without much discomfort at all.

Laser hair removal prevents ingrown hairs

When you shave or wax, you run the risk of ingrown hairs, because these methods can cause the next hair to grow in at an angle, grow sideways, or curl back toward your skin. Any of these scenarios may force the hair to grow under the skin and form an abscess. 

Laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle so hair can’t grow from it ever again, so ingrown hairs are not a problem.

Laser hair removal avoids razor burn

Dragging a razor across your legs, face, armpits, or other sensitive areas leaves unsightly bumps on your skin. Even creams and wax can irritate your skin and leave a rash. But laser hair removal is safe and gentle on your skin and leaves no painful, itchy, embarrassing bumps.

Laser hair removal lasts longer

As you know, shaving is a daily chore. And creams and wax can buy you a bit of time between applications, but they still need to be part of your regular routine for life.

On the other hand, laser hair removal lasts a lifetime. The reason you need to plan for up to six sessions is that hair grows in cycles. To make sure we treat all the hair, we schedule your sessions at intervals that allow the next phase of hair to grow in, so we can treat each cycle. You see fewer and fewer hairs until, eventually, they stop appearing completely.

Understanding laser hair removal

At Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics, we offer the most advanced laser hair-removal technology available — Palomar Icon by CynosureⓇ, a leader in laser technology. 

We use a handheld device that hovers over your treatment area and emits powerful light energy that penetrates your skin and targets the pigment in the follicle beneath the surface. The advanced technology cools your skin tissue while heating up the cells that grow hair to the point that they can no longer survive. You’re left with smooth, hairless skin for life.

When you’re ready to get serious about hair removal, contact us to schedule an appointment, and throw away your razors for good.

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