Replenish Sun-Damaged Skin With a Medical-Grade Facial

Spa facials feel great, helping you relax and unwind as the gentle massage action calms your mind and releases stress. Your skin benefits a bit, too, as dead surface cells are sloughed off and your dry skin gets slathered with moisturizing creams and serums. 

While there’s definitely a case to be made for pampering facials, when you have sun-damaged skin, you need more than a massage — you need a medical-grade facial.

People throughout Colorado Springs, Colorado, rely on our expert team of facial professionals here at Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics to restore their skin’s even tone and youthful glow. Our medical-grade facial options do more than make you feel good, they make you look good. Here’s how.

What the sun does to your skin

To understand why you need a medical-grade facial instead of a spa facial, you need to understand what the Colorado sun has done to your skin over the years. 

Whether you’re an avid hiker, skier, angler, or gardener, every time you spend time outdoors, you expose your skin to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. And excess exposure can make you susceptible to skin cancer — the most prevalent type of cancer in America.

Even if you generally try to remember sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight in the hottest parts of the day, the sun seeps through and does its damage anyway. 

To find out if your skin has been affected, look for these telltale signs:

Over time, the sun changes the internal structure of your skin deep within the layers. A run-of-the-mill spa facial can’t treat these symptoms of sun damage, but our medical-grade facials can.

Types of medical-grade facials

The term medical-grade facial describes a class of treatments that clinically address specific skin conditions. Each treatment and technology solves a different problem or solves problems differently. 

At Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics, we approach your skin care as a unique case, and always take your personal goals, your age and health, and your time and budget into consideration before recommending one or more treatments. 

Here are a few of the most popular medical-grade facials we offer:


Using a small scalpel, we remove the very top layer of your skin to get rid of dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and fuzzy hair. 


To eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, small sunspots, acne, blackheads, and minor pigmentation problems, we use a device with an abrasive surface to carefully sand away the layer of skin that contains these blemishes. 


When you need a deeper treatment to reach the inner layers of your skin, microneedling can get straight to the source. An instrument with hundreds of tiny needles is used on your skin to make countless perforations. 

Your body recognizes these little punctures as injuries and sends healing compounds to the site. This promotes a surge of collagen — the protein responsible for the resilience and structure of your skin — and you end up with stronger, healthier skin.

Chemical peels

Not all medical facials use an instrument or tool. Chemical peels do the job by applying a topical solution to your skin that triggers a reaction and causes the outer layers to slough off. Depending on the problem you’re trying to solve and how deeply it’s embedded in your skin, we customize a serum just for you that reaches the sun damage and leaves you with brighter, smoother skin.

Reasons to consider a medical-grade facial

If you’re looking for a relaxing spa day, by all means, indulge. But if you’re serious about solving your skin issues, a medical-grade facial offers much more than your average face treatment. 

With our medical-grade facials, you can expect:

Medical-grade facials are especially effective when it comes to treating photoaging, the premature aging of your skin due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. So, if you’ve spent your life outdoors, and it shows, contact us by phone or use the online tool to set up a consultation for a medical-grade facial. Because when your skin looks good, you feel good all over. 

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