September always feels like the start of something new, no matter how old you are. And it just so happens that September is healthy aging month. What a wonderful duration of time to give yourself to resetting. Practice self-care. Learn a new skill. Start a hobby you have always wanted to try. Eat better. Exercise more. What will you do to support your aging body and mind? We are all getting older, but you don’t have to be old. We have access to supplements and procedures that improve how we look and feel. Can we slow our biological clock for a few more years, or even decades? Let’s look at healthy aging and tackle this timeless topic from a fresh perspective.

Be Positive and Proactive
Don’t make a face every time you state your age. Don’t say you are old, or joke about infirmity. You have earned every year, and every wrinkle. Of course, aging-related health problems are a reality, but you can impact your well-being with your attitude. Youth is a practice. Why not get started this September? Own your years on this planet, and the wisdom and experiences you have gained. If you don’t feel good, either mentally or physically, think about what you can do to change that. Recruit a friend to start a morning walking routine or talk to your doctor about seeing a therapist or counselor. Depression in senior citizens is a prevalent and clinical disorder and an underreported and minimally discussed concern. Be positive as much as you are able and enjoy where you are in life, and if you need professional help for mental illness so that you have more energy and enthusiasm for the things you love, get help. Be proactive. The stigma of mental illness is lessening, and people of all ages are getting the care they need to age well.

Treat Your Skin with Care
Nothing on your body shows your age as much as your skin does. Whether you have gotten too much sun, smoked cigarettes for decades, didn’t drink enough water, sleep well, or moisturize, it all shows up on your face and neck. Start treating you skin with kindness starting this September. Wear a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30. Stay out of the sun in the middle of the day, when it’s at its strongest. Strive to drink 8 eight glasses of water a day. Add cucumber, lemon, or watermelon to give it depth of flavor. Sleep as well as you can consistently. If that means starting to wind down earlier, so you can get at least 8 hours, do so. Read or sew or paint, rather than using your phone or other devices. Screen time can keep you stimulated when you require your rest. Eat more vegetables – they contain water and fiber that are good for skin and digestion. Good eating habits and staying regular really do affect how you look and feel. If you are still smoking, it’s time to quit. A doctor can help you find the best path for you. You may also wish to cut back on your consumption of alcohol, which is dehydrating, and can make your skin sallow and wrinkled.

You can always schedule an appointment for a skincare treatment with our office this month. We know that healthy aging requires more than good genes. Good habits and medical maintenance can make an incredible difference. What steps will you take on your healthy-aging journey?