Are you ready to flaunt your shape? Summer surprises us, and bodies that have been covered all fall, winter, and spring are suddenly exposed. It’s easy to get sedentary, eat more sweets than you should, and gain a little weight in the cooler months. Maybe you haven’t had time to exercise and are feeling saggy and less toned.

Getting in shape is hard and rewarding work. And it is so much easier if you have a little confidence boost to go to the gym and start running, lifting, and stretching. We are proponents of truSculpt for getting rid of fat and cellulite. The procedure is quick and doesn’t require a lot of downtime for healing, so summer is a great time to do it. We’ll outline the benefits of truSculpt and talk a bit about how it’s done to help you decide if it’s right for you.

What is truSculpting?
truSculpt is a fat reduction treatment performed safely and efficiently in the comfort of your medical aesthetician’s office. It targets specific areas of your body where fat builds up, such as hips, inner thighs, bum, and belly. For many healthy, active individuals, no amount of exercise can tone those problem sections, and truSculpt provides a reliable solution.

This non-invasive fat reduction method uses a radio frequency technology to heat and shrink stubborn fat pockets beneath the skin. We like to think of it as sculpting or contouring, rather than a fat loss system. It is known to reduce circumference by breaking down fat, and over the course of three months your body will dispose of these unwanted cells. It’s comfortable, quick, and can be effective in as little as a single treatment.

Benefits of truSculpting
The benefits of truSculpting are numerous. It takes care of squishy parts of your body that make you feel burdened and uncomfortable despite getting a healthy amount of exercise and eating a diet that consists of lots of water, fruits, and vegetables. It works to diminish the appearance of cellulite, which does not respond to cardiovascular exercise and strength toning. It has little to no side effects, and the patient is able to return to her everyday activities afterward.

Maybe you’re bothered by the last 10 pounds of baby weight. Perhaps your 40th high school reunion is coming, and you want to look strong. If you are in training for a marathon, a great hike or cycling expedition, you may want to look and feel in peak physical condition. It’s simply great technology that we have harnessed to enhance your shape, so that you become a sleeker and more streamlined version of your already-beautiful self.

At the Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics we take your body image seriously, because appearance matters. How you feel about how you look impacts your entire life. We are here to improve your health and your life. We exist in the overlapping space between high-end doctor’s office and luxurious day spa, a clinic where you will be rejuvenated mind, body, and soul.