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The Many Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Smooth, hair-free skin is beautiful, but getting it can be painful. You’ve tried the gamut of methods from shaving to waxing. Now it’s time to get rid of those tools of torture — and your unwanted hair — for good with laser energy.

Oct 14th, 2020
Replenish Sun-Damaged Skin With a Medical-Grade Facial

Getting a facial at a luxurious spa is part of an ultimate day of pampering, but it may not do much to treat and reverse real skin problems. Find out how a medical-grade facial can erase sun damage and do more than relax you.

Sep 17th, 2020
Fight Gravity with a Thread Lift

Gravity sucks ... and pulls, and tugs, and draws everything downward, including your skin. See those jowls that weren’t there before? Gravity. Defy that powerful force with PDO thread lifts, and reverse the effects of age and gravity.

Jul 27th, 2020
Which Kind of Facial is Best for My Skin Type?

If you’ve decided to add a professional facial to your skin care routine, congratulations! It’s an often overlooked, but important, part of skin health. Now the hard part — choosing the right facial for you. Here are some pro tips.

Mar 23rd, 2020